Micro Finish

Micro finish coating forms a tenacious bond to the basis metal, forming an unbreakable bond. This allows the micro finish-coated surface to be an excellent anti-stick application with an extremely low coefficient of friction. This is our signature surface application for the past 20 years and still is the undisputed number 1 surface treatment for tablet & capsule tooling.


  • Eliminates chipping, peeling, flaking, picking, sticking, corrosion, erosion, and abrasion problems.
  • Protects against chemicals, acids and corrosive agents.
  • Improves sanitary conditions on food and drug processing equipment.
  • Coating distribution is uniform over all surfaces (regardless of contour or shape and thickness).
  • No chipping or flaking problems

Coefficient of Friction

Range is as low as 0.09 to 0.08 pm Micro finish Coated surface. 0.08 Mirror Finish Polishing achieves maximum glass optical surface range .3 to .5 RMS Micro finish. There is no need for re-polishing a Micro finish coated surface.

Rockwell Hardness

Can be as low as 68 RC on S/S 316 and 303. 304 grade coating can range 72 RC to 84 RC Harden Steel. Micro finished punches and dies achieve a Rockwell rating better than 82 RC.

Corrosion Resistance

Micro finishing provides corrosion resistance against organic acids, solutions, fluxes, acetone, thinners, salts and detergents. However, not against muriatic acids and hydrochloric acids.


Micro finish coating is FDA compliant.