Hardcoat Anodize


Hardness65 to 70 Rockwell C, 850 to 900 DPH (harder than hard chrome plate)
ColorDark gray to black
Coating Thickness0.002" average, 0.015" for salvage purposes on selected alloys
DielectricNon-conductive and will withstand 800 volts per 0.001" thickness.
MachiningGround, lapped, honed or polished.
DyeingMay be dyed most colors but tends to come out dark.
SealingDichromate, Ni-Acetate, hot water, or Teflon sealed.
ResistivityBetween 106 to 1012 Ohm-cm

Leo’s Engineering typically anodizes 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys. We offer this type of surface coating to feed frames that require a much harder surface than bare metal.


The Hardcoat process follows the contour of the part with a uniform build up allowing for very close tolerances and effective coating on unusually shaped parts.

Wear Resistance

10× greater than unanodized aluminum. Standard Tabor Testing has shown Hardcoat aluminum in 2× greater than Cyanide Case Hardened Steel.

Hardcoat anodize coating is FDA compliant.